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Desserts & Cakes

Tiramisu – extremely naughty but very nice! *
Chocolate Mousse – a sensual combination of chocolate, cream and Cointreau *
Carrot Cake – a moist, flavoursome cake with a rich creamy topping
Chocolate Brownies – a truly luscious chocolate experience!
Paklava – crisp layers of filo pastry filled with nuts and honey
Bourekia – traditional Cypriot pies filled with sweet cream cheese and cinnamon
Mamoul – fragrant pastries filled with dates and cinnamon
Ras-bil-Tamar – pistachio and orange blossom water pastries
Fruit Tarts – melting shortcrust pastry filled with either apricot and almond; lemon curd or plum and walnut (all organic filling)
Afternoon Tea Cake – a simple but popular cake with nuts and mixed dried fruits
Mahalepi – a refreshing cream and rose water dessert topped with pistachios
S’foof – a traditional Lebanese sponge cake with a hint of spice, topped with almonds
Lemon Cake – a sponge with a citrus zing (made with organic eggs and lemons)

*Please note the starred items carry an additional supplement