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Lebanese Menu

Dips and Nibbles at your table...

Hoummous – the ubiquitous Middle Eastern chickpea and tahini dip
Baba Ghanoush – a creamy dip of roasted organic aubergine and garlic
Kabees – a selection of our own home-made pickles
Foule – our organic broad beans simply dressed in cumin and lemon juice
Zeytun – olives from our mountain groves, marinated in garlic and oregano
served with Flat Lebanese Pitta Bread

The Main Attraction...

Felafel – Delicious patties of ground bread beans and chickpeas; flavoured with garlic, coriander and special spices. Served hot with talatour ( a tahini and lemon sauce).
Tabbouleh – A typically Lebanese salad of parsley, tomato, spring onion and couscous, dressed with olive oil and lemon
Pine-Nut Pilaf – A light rice dish with sultanas, vermicelli, pine-nuts and a hint of cumin
Lahme-Bil-Ajeen – ‘Mini pizzas’ topped with minced lamb, tomato, onion and a spicy Lebanese flavour. Served with a garlicy yoghurt sauce.
Kibbe – A firm favourite! Lightly spiced meatballs surrounded by a couscous and minced lamb casing
Fattoush – A popular summer salad consisting of a variety of leafy vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers, spring onions, sprinkled with toasted pitta bread and dressed with lemon juice, olive oil and sumac
Fasoulia-bil-Kizbrah – butter beans slow-cooked in fresh tomato, chilli and coriander
Loubiyeh-bil-Zeyt – organic green beans in a simple fresh tomato, onion and black pepper sauce
Fatayer-Bil-Spanag – Savoury pastries filled with spinach and pine-nuts, flavoured with sumac and black pepper
Patata Harra – Diced and sautéed potatoes served in a garlic, chilli and fresh coriander sauce

Sizzling on the barbecue...

Shish Tawouk – Cubed chicken breast marinated in tomato, garlic and spices,
Kofte – Minced lamb and beef patties flavoured with parsley, onion and herbs
Soujouk – hot 'n' spicy beef and pistachio sausages